EFFYTEC is a company leader in the technology and manufacturing of horizontal pouch machinery, for packaging all type of products from different sectors in sachets and pouches: food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharma and other applications.

A company composed by a team of great professionals highly qualified with over 30 years of packaging industry experience.

Our know-how enables us to provide the

optimum solution for each client with the highest performance and highest quality and innovative packaging.

The spirit of constant improvement in technology has positioned EFFYTEC as a company of international reference in the packaging sector. We export 95% of our production and as of today, our technical and sales action is present in 5 continents, through the extensive network of distributors who integrated our commercial activity.

The success of each of our projects is due to the joint action of the professionals in all our departments.

Have a look to Effytec day-by-day.

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