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Committed to the enviroment


Quality packaging ensures the durability of products and their perfect conservation. Packaging machinery is the great ally of the food and household industries, since the diversity in the types of packaging and the wide range of available formats optimizes the needs of all consumers. From large-sized sachets for family use, with zipper or spout applications for multiple uses, resulting in an economy of costs in the shopping cart; to the individual packagings for single use which prevent the waste of product.


According to the FAO, http://www.fao.org/food-loss-and-food-waste/en/ up to 33% of the foods produced on the planet end up in the bin. This, apart from being a great ethical problem in a world where part of the population suffers from hunger; is also a serious economic and environmental problem since the destruction of these foods implies large costs in both aspects.


For this reason, in Effytec we are continuously innovating to collaborate with the reduction of waste. Current packages guarantee a perfect conservation of products for long periods of time, even after being opened, thanks to zipper or valve closures, amongst other options. By reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy used and using recyclable materials for the packaging, we all win and we also cooperate with the sustainability of the planet.




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